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Welcome To Altus Media

Altus media is a multimedia publishing platform for people who want to get there ideas published and build a truly impact full product line.

Whether you’re an author with a brilliant idea or if you already have a product you’re struggling to market, we can give you the exposure you deserve and help you reach a mass audience.

We’re on a mission to sell 100 million influential products that make a positive impact on our customers lives. But this is no small feat, so if you have an idea that can contribute then we want to hear it.

Just fill out our application form to let us know about your project, and we’ll get back to you within 5 business days or less.

What Is Multimedia Publishing?

So what makes multimedia publishing different from regular book publishing? Here at Altus Media, we understand not all learners, authors and designers are the same. Books are great, and if you’re an aspiring author we’d love to get you published, but to help impact more lives we’ve expanded our reach.¬†We publish a wide range of digital products, including:

  • Magazines
  • Home Study Courses
  • Audio Courses
  • In-Depth Training Programs
  • Newsletters, And
  • Any Other Product Classed As “Media”.

When You Get Published Through Altus Media, We Don’t Just Leave Your Product To Collect Dust. Here’s How We Continuously Grow Your Customer Base And Reach A Wider Audience…

Responsive Blogging Platform

Blogging is one of the most simple, effective and up to date methods of marketing your product. We’ll work with you to create a unique design then get your blog up and running.

Your blog will be intergrated with our social media marketing software, and each post will be shared across all of the main social platforms, giving you enormous exposure and expanding your reach.

  • Effectively market your work and grow your customer base.
  • A unique and iconic design.
  • Connect with viral social media platforms.
  • Sell your product from the comfort of your own home.

Unique Artwork & Graphic Design

Here at Altus Media, we take pride in your work and ensure your entire portfolio looks stunning from start to finish.

We’ll work with our hand picked artists and graphic designers, to give your product a truly unique and iconic look. Our artistic and creative designs will ensure your product attracts attention and stands out from the competition.

  • Build a professional portfolio.
  • Unique and iconic artwork.
  • Attract attention and grow your customer base.
  • Stand out from the competition.

Experienced Research Team

As with any business, your product will be launched into a niche that’s continuously changing and being updated. But rather than leave your product to be left behind by our fast moving society, we’ll assemble a market research team to ensure you remain a step ahead.

Our market research team will:

  • Continuously uncover new marketing strategies to reach a wider audience.
  • Search for new prospect groups and grow your customer base.
  • Keep your product up to date with modern science, giving you the edge over the competition.

Experienced Marketing Team

We don’t just pump out a couple of ads and then leave your work to collect dust. We take a unique approach to online and offline marketing strategies, to ensure you reach the widest, and most targeted audience possible.

Our marketing team works with one goal in mind: Helping your product get as much exposure as possible. Here’s what we do:

  • Market your product online.
  • Market your product offline.
  • Continuously grow your customer base.
  • Ensure you get as many sales as possible.

Experienced Sales Team

When you publish your product through Altus Media, our sales team will work with you to create highly engaging copy, and ensure you never miss a sale.

You’ll get:

  • A highly clear and informative description for your product.
  • A series of highly engaging emails to promote your product on auto-pilot.
  • A sales funnel with killer conversion rates.
  • A persuasive sales video to promote your product and close the deal.
  • And much more…

100% Digital Access

Your marketing campaigns are set up with complete digital access. You can instantly reach everything from the comfort of your own home, or even if you’re on the go. All you need is a laptop and internet connection, and you can begin promoting your work and growing your customer base.

There’s no need to rent out expensive offices or manage teams of staff. We’ll keep on top of everything for you, and you can check up on your progress where ever you are.

  • Access your campaign from anywhere in the world.
  • Access client support from anywhere in the world.
  • Grow your customer base from anywhere in the world.

Earn High Royalties

At Altus Media, we offer staggering royalties in the range of 15 and 50%! This is over 5 times greater than the industry average.

If you write a home study course that’s worth $100, just 200 sales a month in the global market could send you straight into the six figure bracket.

  • Set up multiple income streams.
  • Make money selling products you’re proud of, and positively impact peoples lives.
  • Lead a fulfilling life.

Begin Your Journey Today!

I’ve told you what we do here at Altus Media. We’re a platform for people who want to get there ideas published and build a truly impact full product line. Here’s what we’re against…

… We’re against people having brilliant ideas, but lacking the tools and resources to create their work of art. We’re giving you everything you need to get started today. So click on the button below, fill out an application form and let us know about your project.

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And if you’re unsure about anything, or have any other questions or queries, don’t hesitate to contact us! We love hearing from enthusiastic authors, and will get back to you within 5 business days or less. Click on the button below to go to our contact page…

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