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What is Altus Media?

Altus Media is a multimedia publishing platform for people who want to get there ideas published and build a truly impactful product line.

Whether you’re an author with a brilliant idea or if you already have a product you’re struggling to market, we can give you the exposure you need and help you reach a mass audience.

What is multi-media publishing?

Here at Altus Media, we understand not all learners, authors and designers are the same.

To grow our customer base we’ve expanded our reach. We publish a wide range of digital products, including: Home study courses, audio courses, in-depth training programs, and much more...

How we publish awesome
products in 4 simple steps

Step 1: Product Development

Time to hit the drawing board. We kick-start the campaign mapping out your target audience and putting your product together.

This stage includes market research, and defining your customer base. We focus on building your product - whether it's a simple e-book or a complex home study audio course.

Step 2: Graphic Design

Here at Altus Media, we work with a group of graphic designers to ensure your product is ready to take on the market place.

As a subsidiary, we own a small graphic design agency - so we're able to work closely (and "behind the scenes") with our designers, to ensure your design exceeds your expectations.

Step 3: Marketing

This is a vital stage of the process.

It's nothing complex - you write a sales letter, and you get your prospects to read the sales letter... The problem is, writing a sales letter, and setting up an advertising campaign to ensure it reaches the right people is difficult.

We work with some of the most expensive marketing agencies on the planet to ensure we close as many sales as possible.

Step 4: Customer Service

The final stage of publishing an excellent product is to provide excellent customer service.

We make it easy for customers to get in touch, and provide them excellent support fast. Our aim is to provide our customers with skill specific or technical support within 24 hours or less.

Of course, your assistance will be required on this step - because we won't understand your trade as well as you.

What's it like working with Altus Media?

A message from 2 of our closest partners

Altus Media is an online marketing gem. They’re an honest, caring, knowledgeable and integratable company that always provide clear and efficient instructions.

They always appreciate my designs and provide me with all the help I need to work to the best of my ability. They support me in every area of my life and ensure I have everything I need to continue delivering excellent pieces of art.

I’ve loved working with Altus Media ever since their very first project, and look forward to working with them in the time ahead. They continuously work with new challenges, and every new job feels like an adventure. The company is awesome and puts together excellent products that I am proud to be a part of.

Kailash Shankar
Graphic Designer, Founder Of Pixel Complete

I've been working with Altus Media since the company first started, and it has been a life changing experience. Not only have I been able to successfully publish my work, but I've found a friend and business partner for life. To work so closely with people that are on the same mission is a true privilege. 

Altus Media not only develops and publishes innovative projects, but the company cares about the work relationships they keep with their clients and customers. They have an honest and refreshing approach to publishing and marketing. Altus Media make sure to keep me 100% involved in all the decision making when it comes to my projects & co-writes, and to continuously support me with knowledgeable feedback. This ensure my products are made to the highest possible quality.

I am honoured to be a part of this team, and know that we will continue to develop and publish life-enhancing projects in the future.

Nina Beste
Author Of Mindful Clarity

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Have a plan for a digital product?

If you have a plan for a digital product and want us to help produce and take it to market, then let us know about your idea using the contact box on the right. Give us a detailed plan for your product, and introduce yourself (and your experience in the field).

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